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SimpleLight for Kindle 4th Generation

Brighten Your Kindle. Enlighten Your Mind. No Batteries Needed.


The SimpleLight for Kindle 4th Generation (the latest entry-level Kindle) is an elegantly designed accessory that allows you to enjoy your Kindle in low-light environments, like on an airplane, or in your bed at night, without the need for additional batteries.


  • Slim profile does not significantly increase the Kindle's footprint.
  • Lightweight. The SimpleLight weighs only 1.6 ounces.
  • Uses the Kindle's own battery for power. No batteries required.
  • Has minimal impact on the Kindle's battery life.
  • Turns on automatically when the arm is removed from its locked position.
  • Turns off automatically when the Kindle enters sleep mode.
  • Flexible arm allows for multiple lighting angles.
  • Four (4) LEDs provide ample coverage of the Kindle's screen.

The Kindle enters sleep mode either manually (you press the power button), or automatically (after 10 minutes of inactivity). Fall asleep while reading? No problem.

When you have finished reading, you can simply return the light to its locked position. You can also store the light (and Kindle) in either our SimpleSleeve for Kindle 4th Generation, or SimpleCase for Kindle 4th Generation (each sold separately).

NOTE: The SimpleLight is only compatible with the entry-level Kindle, the one with the five (5) buttons below the screen, and the Next/Previous Page buttons on the left and right edges. Kindle not included.

NOTE: Using the SimpleLight with any type of cover attached to the Kindle is not supported.

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